Maggie Wong

UNITY, 2023

Through various manipulations of newsprint via sculptural and print interventions, the installation depicts a version of childcare that supported revolutionary action, particularly the publishing of Unity by the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

Scales of Sentiment: 1992 Virginia and Rubin’s Vase, 2022

A layer of graphite and erased forms compose this wall drawing, which considers sediment and sentiment as accumulations of history and feeling.


The collaborative installation continues the collective and prompted efforts of Alden Burke, Caroline Dahlberg, Mariel Harari, Azalea Henderson, Stephanie Koch, and Maggie Wong.

Medium, 2020

A group exhibition with David Sprecher, Bill Wells, Maggie Wong.

Descriptions slip in time and are tested against the concrete, where they settle on approximation. Within the space of play, we find a familiar and specific feeling. A medium of engagement. A call and response from a form of action that resonates in rhythms and rhymes. – Molly and Brendan Getz

Close To You, 2018

This sculptural installation of riffs, refrains, and objects is meant to partition feeling to individuate a person. The work takes inspiration from growing up playing with a sibling and their sensory integration objects designed to help soothe the experience of overstimulation linked to autism. 

Making Out, 2017

Making Out turns the site gallery into a space of playful resistance. The installation centers around a large sculpture of bleachers  — the kind of bleachers that provide a refuge for clandestine kissing. This show is a collaboration with a group of artists known as Hive (Morgan Green, C Clark, Morris Fox, Brendan Getz, Nancy Spicer, and Maggie Wong)