Room to Grow at The Plant Show


@The Plant Show

99 Cent Plus, Brooklyn NY

Curated by Simran Johnston

July 29  Р September 25, 2016

The Plant Show, an exhibition of objects made by contemporary artists with the function of bringing plant life into the home.

Adam Russell
Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao
B. Thom Stevenson
Charlotte Patterson
Cody Hoyt
Corey Rubin
David Franklin
Diana Lozano
Emily Wissemann
Eric Pietraszkiewicz
Future Retrieval
Jake Brodsky
Kylie White
Maggie Wong
Priscilla Jeong
Rebecca Manson
Rico Gatson
Risa Sama
Ryan Oskin
Sacha Vega
Sean Gerstley
Tommy Coleman
Zoe Fisher

press: Art Forum, Critics Pick, September 2016