Room to Grow at The Plant Show

The Plant Show
Curated by Simran Johnston

July 29  –  September 25, 2016

The Plant Show, an exhibition of objects made by contemporary artists with the function of bringing plant life into the home.

Adam Russell
Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao
B. Thom Stevenson
Charlotte Patterson
Cody Hoyt
Corey Rubin
David Franklin
Diana Lozano
Emily Wissemann
Eric Pietraszkiewicz
Future Retrieval
Jake Brodsky
Kylie White
Maggie Wong
Priscilla Jeong
Rebecca Manson
Rico Gatson
Risa Sama
Ryan Oskin
Sacha Vega
Sean Gerstley
Tommy Coleman
Zoe Fisher

press: Art Forum, Critics Pick, September 2016

Toetal Coverage

MaggieWong_ToetalCoverage_2015 copy

custom printed cotton, foam core, and elastic

one size fits all



These two garments were collaboratively made with Riley Pile, for a show entitled “Icky Body”  in September 2015.

Body Machines

overview from front



heart detail




1. Head

13 1/2” x 13 1/2” x 5’

wood, plexiglass, copper, fountain pump, water

2. Heart

12” x 12” x 3’

wood, plexiglass, LEDs, servo motor, water

3. Gut Feeling

13 3/4” x 13 3/4” x 13”

wood, plexiglass, fountain pump, bubbles, water

Documentation from the exhibition Body Machines, at LESS SPACE in Oakland, May 2015.

Walkie Check

walkie check



walkie takie and recorded audio

Walkie Check was an installation made for the exhibition Invisible Labor, as a part of Bay Area Now 7 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. A walkie talkie casually stood on a pedestal and provided audio interruptions into the YBCA gallery space.

Press for the show:

Andrew Witt,  “Bay Area Now 7,” Augest 22, 2014, Art Forum



Reiteration, 14″ x 19″ x 20″, wood, light, sea weed, pecans, paint, 2014



Reiteration (side)



Night Narrative
Night Narrative 1 & 2, silk screen, graphite drawing, light, wood, paint, each 12″ x 18″ x 9″, 2014



Eggain, eggs, photo transfer, wood, LEDs, wiring, twine, paint, 2014



Ingredients for Pecan Pie








pecan detail








egg detail








Eggain instalation view Eating Culturesinstallation view at Eating Cultures show at SOMArts, 2014



pecans, eggs, paint, photo transfers, napkin



My grandmother, Siu Fong Yu Wong, and I never spoke the same language. As an immigrant

Chinese mother working in her husband’s laundry in Los Angeles Siu Fong Yu Wong (or Pooh),

in many ways was silenced. Being a mixed race girl born in the Bay Area, the depth of my

Chinese fluency floated on the tops of bowls of duck noodles and in Pooh’s meatballs. Food

always drove communication between my grandmother and I, as well as between my

grandmother and American society. Her meatballs typified her assimilation to nineteen­fifties

housewifery (as did her jello), while still having the flavor of a dumpling.


In an odd turn of events, Pooh spent the last few years of her life in the culinary heartland of the

states, the South. She came to live the American dream, living in a respectable suburb of

Atlanta. Ironically, just two states over in Mississippi, resided the Whittingtons, my white maternal

family line. This southern confluence had complexity woven like a latticework pie crust. And it

was indeed pie that was the only way I could speak with Pooh about ideas of place, domesticity,

labor, and culture. So one afternoon using pecans, eggs, flour, butter, and sugar we talked.


This piece, Ingredients for Pecan Pie,  is an assemblage of that conversation.


Ingredients for Pecan Pie  is also in honor of dear Pooh, who after a long life past away

February 2014.

Now Now Neverland

Set Design










Now! Now! Neverland! is an immersive theatrical experience based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Developed with 15 artists over a month, the work considers what our concepts of Home and Neverland are in a contemporary context. Originally performed at Colonia Nova, Berlin, July 2013.

view the trailer

Performed by
Priscilla Be
Mab Cardoso
Alexander Coggin
Catherine Duquette
Katherine Mangold
Anna Paniccia
Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Set Design
Sophie Nichols
Maggie Wong

Sound Design
Samantha Coggin
Michael Burditt Norton

Ashton Green

Michael Burditt Norton
Jesse Posner

Assistant Director
Ruby Grosser

Christopher Shea

Learning A New Logic



A presentation of synesthetic beanbags, humming audio, housed in a paper maché dome; chicken wire, paper maché, light, fabric, spices, hay, stuffing, lentils, corn kernels, oatmeal and various materials, series of digital drawings.

We are born with a sponge for a brain, ready to absorb the stimuli of the world and cognitively develop by honing our reception of that information. Blocks, puzzles, crafts, and books are used as basic developmental tools for shaping our perception and introduce us to a particular educational/social/cultural/communication structure. These basic tools evolve into disciplines such as Graphic Design, which pervasively codify social structure.  Learning A New Logic: See, Squish, Smell  calls attention to our reasoning utilities and re-contextualize our social behaviors around creating meaning. Learning A New Logic: See, Squish, Smell,  presents an alternative sphere that is intended to revisit the path of both cognitive development and schema development.

Singularity Dance



The Singularity Dance was performed twice at Sarah Lawrence College in 2009. It consisted of two projectors each linked to a video camera which was attached to each dancer’s body. The camera’s picked would record the dancer at the opposite side of the room and the projector would them project their image back on to that vary performer being recorded, resulting in a dual video feedback loop. Us dancers then mirrored our movements to each other to an audio translation of a matrix equation.

The video was recorded through a camera, attached to my dancing body, entrapped in a feedback loop.