Maggie Wong


Studio Pedagogy Writing Studio Pedagogy Writing Exhibition  Utensil Comfort Station, Chicago IL November 6 – December 5, 2021 The work continues the collective and prompted efforts of Alden Burke, Caroline Dahlberg, Mariel Harari, Azalea Henderson, Stephanie Koch, and Maggie Wong. – What is a prompt? A prompt is an invitation to ease into entanglements, a […]

Fear Ecologies

A workshop created for Hekler Assembly, Infrastructures of Care series, 2021 With an invitation and made in collaboration with artist and neurologist Sonja Blum. The paradox of fear – it is something communities may want to eliminate but it may be an essential factor related to collectivity.  In this workshop, we first consider fears we […]

Holo Crit

THE HOLOGRAM CRITIQUE METHOD A system for art interpretation and critique that combines listening to artwork with an anti-capitalist feminist ethos of distributed power. Created for Viral Ecologies | NO. 2 | March 2021 In cahoots with    

Coloring Room

An interactive exhibition and Museum Educator Graduate Scholars project at The Art Institute of Chicago. How can sensory focused experiences expand visitors’ sense of belonging and participation in an art institution? My objective was to build a methodology for creating interactive, unfacilitated, informal learning environments in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Interactive Gallery. “Coloring Room” […]


Studio Pedagogy Writing Studio Pedagogy Writing     Making Out October 2017 SITE Sharp, 37 S Wabash, Chicago IL Press Release  MAKING OUT turns the SITE gallery into a space of playful resistance. The work will center around a large installation of bleachers that suggest a high school football field  — the kind of bleachers […]


  Maggie Wong makes art, writes about art, writes art, reads art, shares art, mentors artists, and is mentored by artists. She studies. Maggie Wong holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she now works as a lecturer. Additionally, she is the Associate Director of Iceberg Projects in Rogers […]