Singularity Dance

The Singularity Dance was performed at Sarah Lawrence College’s Fringe Fest in 2009 with artist Noah Singh. It consisted of two projectors each linked to a video camera that was attached to each dancer’s body. With Noah and I facing each other, the contraptions would continually the throw an image of ourselves back on to ourselves, a feedback loop. We mirrored each others improvised movements to an audio translation of a matrix equation. As the audio and visual drone beat on, our images reproduced at nausea, the apparatus consuming at an exponential rate.

The performance opts for levity and a bit of mockery at confining systems, rather than being fatalistic take on the the demise of the aura in a technological age. In the final moments of the performance each of us bends to let the camera stare straight into the projector beam and each performer is enwrapped by a visual satori. But really all that has happened is that we have reach the end of the equation. Singularity Dance finally bows to Camus’s absurd, an awareness that allows play, relations, curiosity, liveness to emerge out of a finite bracket of time and space, a life.