on going thoughts

self portraiture:




stereoptic hand scanned images of my shirts.





hand scanned images of my body. first image is comprised of two physically layered images. both are digitally enhanced, printed on transparency, and framed in deep frames.


family album:

assisted memory palace

familiy-album-1 familiy-album-2 familiy-album-3 familiy-album


google sketch up environment comprised of homes I lived in as a child and my parents family homes. each home is constructed out of google street views of the homes taken at various points of time, ranging from 2007 – 2016. this project is on going, additional images from google as well as family photos of these homes will be added over time.

here are some more images to be added to the urban development of my memory palace:

4240 Norton Ave.4240 plant redwood

4240-norton-ave-1-5 4240-norton-ave-1-4 4240-norton-ave-1-2

1000 Grand Blvd.

908 Normandie Ave.