Learning A New Logic



A presentation of synesthetic beanbags, humming audio, housed in a paper maché dome; chicken wire, paper maché, light, fabric, spices, hay, stuffing, lentils, corn kernels, oatmeal and various materials, series of digital drawings.

We are born with a sponge for a brain, ready to absorb the stimuli of the world and cognitively develop by honing our reception of that information. Blocks, puzzles, crafts, and books are used as basic developmental tools for shaping our perception and introduce us to a particular educational/social/cultural/communication structure. These basic tools evolve into disciplines such as Graphic Design, which pervasively codify social structure.  Learning A New Logic: See, Squish, Smell  calls attention to our reasoning utilities and re-contextualize our social behaviors around creating meaning. Learning A New Logic: See, Squish, Smell,  presents an alternative sphere that is intended to revisit the path of both cognitive development and schema development.